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December 27, 2013
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Dec 27, 2013, 12:12:39 PM
Christmas Ormanents 2011 (Important PS below!) by ruffytoon Christmas Ormanents 2011 (Important PS below!) by ruffytoon
Welcome back!  Since this instalment, I starting out to photograph those ormanents on that red paper background, to make these pictures more clear to look at. Okay, here's what got here:

- (this ornament was actually made in 2010, but I simply forgot to put that one in a last picture) A christmas tree ball on which not only that spotted cat is hanging around it, but also a pink octopus, a female tree frog who sticks her tongue on a ball, a gerbil who hangs on cat's tail and a green hummingbird who flies around them; okay, I wont give anything about the rest of these animals as well, I will talk about them and show some sketches of them in no time; 
this ormanent is very clever put together, because this was made especially in cases of putting it right next tv screen and let these characters watch the programs whatever is on; ;) I thought it was cute idea
-  Garfield the Cat celebriting christmas... on Odie (based on this image:…
-  Grinch with Cindy Loo with a dog Max (how can I forget about this guy?) in a style of the original Chuck Jones special from 1966 (Seriously, see this instead of that lame version with Jim Carrey, if you haven't already (TALKING TO EUROPEANS OUT THERE, ESPECIALLY POLISH) (based on this image 
- Mike Wazowski from "Monsters INC" with his snowman resembling him; based on this image… (now I think do I should draw this image instead…… )
- Ren and Stimpy are happily greeting in their green christmas hats… (it was a little tough to draw onfront from that image); recently I thought that I will discount this one, to make another R&S ornament in case of replace; just to make them more felt like from the original show, u know grusome and vulgar... (especially to those, who don't these characters at all and unfortunelly in Poland, barelly who knows majority of Nicktoons, sorry)
- Scrat celebrating christmas, based on this special (no I haven't seen it and I'm not going to, besides I think all ICE AGE sequels sucks, way too ridiculous and gets icky and tired very quickly; but of course Scrat is awesome (BTW Scrat in was a highlight of "Epic" (2013) )
- Christmas with characters from CN's "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends"; this one also will be discounted, I'll do the very similiar one, but without the half of these characters (I loved this show, as well as other Craig McCracken shows, like Powerpuff Girls and Disney's Wander Over Yonder; check out his deviantart account :iconcmcc: )
- Yup, my OC Ruffy is back in this funny position :D That expression speaks for itself; now imagine him on a christmas tree
- Our beloved Looney Tunes are also on my christmas; Bugs Bunny with a packful of presents, Tweety is happily sitting right next to him and Daffy.... has got something little (based on some of these images:… BTW If that new Looney Tunes show was much more close to the original source material, I would use Jessica Borutski's designs from there (I didn't like that badly-executed edition, that's all I'm gonna say about it)
- That blondehaired chick from that card… as an angel; isn't that lovely?

So that's about it right now! I hope you feel well-rested during these holidays and you will have a tons of fun during New Year's Eve. There's more ormanents to come so stay toon!

PS1 It's Official! ICE AGE 5 (PL- Epoka Lodowcowa 5) is coming to cinemas in a summer of 2016! :( Now what do you think is gonna happen there? Meeting UFO or Being freezed to our times? 
Check this if you dont believe me…
PS2 The Powerpuff Girls (Pl- Atomówki) are coming back to Cartoon Network in a next month and.... will be look like this...…

All the animals on that ball, Ruffy, blonde haired angel (c) me
Garfield, Odie (c) Jim Davis, Paws INC
Mike Wazowski (c) PIXAR
Ren and Stimpy (c) John K, Viacom
Scrat (c) Blue Sky Studios, 20th Century Fox
Grinch (c) Dr Seuss, Random House
All the characters from FHFIF (c) :iconcmcc:, Cartoon Network
Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety (c) Warner Bros

Lotusbandicoot Dec 27, 2013  Student General Artist
So awesome! X) I love Ruffy's face... everyone else is having fun, and there he is hanging by a hook. :XD:
ruffytoon Dec 28, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you. Yeah, that was a coincedence that even haven't noticed. Sweating a little... 

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